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[5/8] outfits - neal in 3.11 & 3.12

Lydia Martin Appreciation Week: day 2 - favourite outfits and/or hairstyles. 


My name is the future of this world!

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Complimenting an artistic friend’s work

its so accurate because i have been in both sides of the situation 

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Morgiana or Hiyori ~ asked by - ichigo-iichie

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first joined tumblr: woah how do you do those gifs and cool edits
me now: woah how do you do those gifs and cool edits



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if youre attractive and you talk to me first, chances are im very confused

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"Having a light side and dark side is what makes life interesing.”

Get to know me: non-human characters [9/?] “The Noah Tyki Mikk" from D gray Man

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Episode 94: Homecoming

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While it may seem silly to make this connection, it’s important to note how significant Maleficent’s wings are to her. They are her source of power in a conflicted world, and as she ages, they increase in power. Like a young woman’s sexuality, they are precious, and the crude way in which they are sawed off her back — her trust broken, her body violated — leaves her ravaged inside and out. This is, indeed, the moment Maleficent becomes a villain — except that she’s not really a villain at all. Her choices are driven at every turn by this moment of betrayal, and what happens next is really a survival story, as she slowly learns to love and trust again. (x)

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Moondust70 Commission (1/3) by Rurucha


#friendly reminder that pippin named his son faramir (via celebrin)

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